This blog is an old one (contains information of only up to version 1.0.6). Please use the BYTubeD page at GitHub for support for more recent versions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Support Page

Support for BYTubeD versions later than 1.0.6 can be availed from the BYTubeD page at GitHub. This blog will not be used much here after.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

[BYTubeD] New Version - 1.0.7

Following are the changes from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7:
  • Preferences tab has been split into 4 sub-tabs:  Additional Features, User Interaction, Generate Links, and Window Management.
  • Implemented silent-prefetching of downloadable video URLs
    • Can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox ""Silently prefetch downloadable video URLs..." in Preferences -> Additional Features
  • Added the ability to grab YouTube URLs even if  they are not really 'links' to YouTube videos, by scanning the page's entire HTML and text for YouTube link patterns.
    • This means that now BYTubeD can be invoked on:
      • A page containing embedded YouTube videos, hidden video links, etc.
      • Even a text file containing YouTube URLs here and there.
  • Added an option: "Preserve Order (prepends the file name with the serial number.)" in Preferences -> Additional Features
    • Default value is false
    • This option can be set to true when you  want to make sure that the videos are seen in the destination folder in the same order as they appear on the page you invoked BYTubeD.
      • Ex: If you want to download all videos from a playlist like this one, where there is a logical sequence in the videos but that sequence is not captured in the video titles by means of some kind of serial number, the Preserve Order option adds a serial number to the file names when you download them so that the logical sequence is preserved.
  • Window Management options
    • Added the following options: 
      • "Try to resize the window to fit content." in Preferences -> Window Management.
        • Default value is true
      • "Try to center the window after resizing." in  Preferences -> Window Management.
        • Default value is true
      • "Maintain aspect ratio while resizing the window." in Preferences -> Window Management.
        • Default value is false 
    • The first two options, as they say, only try to do what they claim. They fail at times. It's clearly known when they fail, but I don't know a solution at present. If anyone is interested in looking into the issue, I request them to let me know.
  • Generating the youtube-page-links in a sperate file; and showing only download links in the 'main' links file
    • Now if the user chooses "Generate Links" for "What to do?" two files will be generated:
      1. containing the downloadable video links
      2. containing the YouTube video page links for all the successful and failed requests.
  • Default value of "What to do?" = "Generate Links"; Earlier it was "Enqueue for Download"
  • The option "Always get highest quality video (don't care whether MP4 or FLV)" has been replaced by "Video format does not matter. Try to get the videos in requested quality." under Preferences -> Additional Features
    • To always get highest available quality, check this option and set the Quality field to "Original".
      • See below for changes in the Quality field.
    • This new option is more general than the earlier one in that it can be used to force fetching a video in any supported quality without worrying about the file format.
      • In other words, this new option allows prioritizing quality over file format.
  • Added options: "Show Max Resolution" and "Show Max Quality" under Preferences -> Additional Features
    • To show maximum resolution and maximum quality of each video along with S.No and Title in Selection Window.
    • Require silent prefetching enabled.
    • Default value is FALSE to both the options.
  • Implemented users' suggestions
    • Include time stamp, window/tab title/link of the source page on which BYTubeD was invoked, at the top of generated youtube-watch-links page.
    • Add an option to generate text files containing the YouTube page links for failed and successful requests  (not the download links, because the download links expire within 7 hours after generation)
      • Failed requests are saved in
      • Successful requests are saved in
      • By default these files are NOT generated.
      • To generate these text files check the "Generate text links ..." checkboxes in Preferences -> Generate Links.
    • Add an option "Select All" in the first window to select all the videos. 
    • Add the ability to grab YouTube links from the clipboard
    • Make the Quality field more specific
      • Now the Quality field has the following options:
        • 240p
        • 360p
        • 480p
        • 720p HD
        • 1080p HD
        • Original
      • 240p to Original are arranged in increasing order of quality. 
      • "720p HD" is the default value.
      • If a video is not available in the requested quality, then a lower quality video of the same format, as specified in the Format field, will be fetched.
    • Add support for WebM format
      • In addition to FLV and MP4, a new option "WebM" has been added in the Format field
      • Radio-group has been replaced by a drop-down-menu.
      • If a video is not available in the requested format, then among the available formats, the highest quality video will be fetched subject to the quality constraints specified in the Quality field.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[BYTubeD] New Version - 1.0.7Beta

1.0.7Beta has been renamed as 1.0.7 and will be very soon uploaded to addons.mozilla. Please see the post above.

Friday, August 5, 2011

[BYTubeD] New Version - 1.0.6

With some very small improvements over 1.0.6Beta, 1.0.6 is ready. Interested users may install the new version from here. More details about the changes can be found in this post.

Update: This new version has been uploaded to addons.mozilla and is publicly available.

[BYTubeD] Problem Solved - 1.0.6Beta is working

YouTube has changed their code and the earlier versions of BYTubeD have stopped working. I have made the appropriate changes and BYTubeD 1.0.6Beta is working. Please install 1.0.6Beta from here or 1.0.6 from here. For more details of 1.0.6Beta please see this post. If you observe any issues please post them on this page. I will try and fix them.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[BYTubeD] BYTubeD is not working

YouTube has changed their code. BYTubeD has stopped working. I am working on the problem. Please be patient.

UPDATE: Problem has been solved. Please install 1.0.6Beta or 1.0.6.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[BYTubeD] New version (1.0.6Beta)

There have been some feature requests and a few bugs after 1.0.5. This new version (1.0.6Beta) implements those features and fixes those bugs. Following are the changes from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6Beta.

Bugs Fixed
  1. With 1.0.5, playlist videos could not be downloaded.
    • 1.0.6Beta fixes this bug. 
  2. YouTube has made some changes on 3rd August, that made BYTubeD fail. BYTubeD 1.0.6Beta includes a fix for this.
Features Added (Requested by users)
  1. Support for short YouTube URLs  ( and links)
  2. An option in Preferences: "Generate YouTube page links as well when 'What to do?' = 'Generate Links'." which is by default FALSE.
  3. An option in Preferences: "Always get highest quality video (don't care whether MP4 or FLV)"
Some other changes
  1. Alert if "Start" is pressed without selecting any videos.
  2. Alert if no YouTube links were found on the page where BYTubeD was invoked.
  3. Destination directory field is disabled by default. That means, you can not type in that field directly.
    • Browse button can be used to change the destination directory.
    • Or the Destination field can be enabled by checking the "Enable the destination directory field. I want to be able to type the destination directory." check box in Preferences.
    (This change has been undone due to some persistence issues.)
  4. Better error reports in the Failed Requests tab of the Queuing Status Window and in the generated links page.
  5. Added a "Quality" column while showing generated links, to tell what quality video each link corresponds to.
  6. Added an option in Preferences: "Generate YouTube page links for failed requests when 'What to do?' = 'Generate Links'." which is by default TRUE.
The version is tagged Beta and the Beta tag will be removed after some more testing. And the tested version (1.0.6) will be uploaded to the addons.mozilla site.

Meanwhile, the users are requested to install 1.0.6Beta from here, test it and make comments here in case there are any issues. Thank you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

[BYTubeD] Bug in 1.0.5 - Fixed Version 1.0.5a

BYTubeD 1.0.5 is failing to grab videos from playlists. If you are facing the same problem, please install the fixed version (1.0.5a) from here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[BYTubeD] Latest version (1.0.5) publicly available

The latest version (1.0.5) is now publicly available from the mozila addons site. The new version includes a fix for the well-known problem: "Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube" and other similar things. Please see this post for the list of changes.

Monday, July 11, 2011

[BYTubeD] New version (1.0.5) has been uploaded

New version (1.0.5) has been uploaded on addons.mozilla after the fixes for the well-known problem: "Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube" and other similar things. However, it still needs to undergo editor reviews. Meanwhile users can install the new version (1.0.5) from the BYTubeD versions page. Please see the FAQ page for usage related details.

Major Change
  • Fix for "Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube." and similar errors.
    • Almost every YouTube video can be downloaded now using BYTubeD.
Minor Changes
  1. charset=UTF-8 in the generated HTML file.
  2. Changed the default value of "Close the enqueing window..." to TRUE
  3. '#' and '\n' in title replaced by blank.
  4. Removed local help file. Redirect to the support page on pressing Help.
  5. List failed requests in "Generated Links".